Nowadays bulls...

The calves which are born this season have as father the following bulls :  ALBATROS, OHIO, TAXI, VENEUR, VAINQUEUR, MAGELLAN, ARCHIMEDE et ACCENT. To discover each of them, click on their name.

Their progeny and their pedigree will be presented on our next

Charolais' feast which will take place on 18th and 19th August 2007,

or simply, during a visit on our farm whenever you want...


...from tomorrow's...

This spring, we will use  VAINQUEUR, TAXI and VENEUR as acknowledged generating bulls and ALBATROS, ARCHIMDE, ALADIN and ACCENT as promising generating bulls.


... and yesterday's...

Following, you will find the most important bulls we have used on our estate during the 25 last years and which allowed on our herd to have the today's level.

ROMEO (N 5817300033) The accumulation of easy calving and growing.

PANAMA (N 0310079228) The bull with "abnormal" developement...

JUPITER (N 2193101118) Honour Prize at Moulins ... Just one word to qualify its progeny : exceptional !!

IROQUOIS (N 0392116692) Its ancestry is ECHO (orig. BARDIN) and FLAMBEAU by AIMABLE.

FRIC FRAC (N 5890101069) It is a good "raceur" and a very complete bull in its morphology. It has been officially approved for artificial insemination in all the European Community. It produces very wholsome Charolais cows and mother cows.

IDEAL (N 5893112207) Son of FORT-ROYAL (Super Honnor Price at MOULINS 1990), from the lineage ARGENTY.

CHAPLIN (N 6787100027) The complete bull and first major "raceur" in Walbourg.

FANION (N 5390100853) Daugthers with big size and milk value.

ETOURDI (N 5889112681)  Son of a huge bull called AMATEUR and grand-son of TENNIS.

TITANIC (N 6782100052)  Grand-son of one of the most famous Charolais bull : QUID QUID.

NENUPHAR (N 5877124178) Son of the most bull : FLAMBEAU.

UZES (N 6783100016) Cows with big volume and exceptional maternel qualities. It was 11 years old.

OEILLET (N 6778100006)  Son of HIBOU.

HIBOU (N 5872107560) Born in 1972 by GAUTHIER Michel at Magny-Cours (county of Nivre). The founder of the herd of the estate in Walbourg.